Team Trident


A friendship that started over ten years ago in the back of a Landrover in the middle of Salisbury Plain in England. At an age when most would be looking forward to a Friday night out, Jon and Jordan - 19 years old, were soldiers in the Parachute Regiment facing any parents’ nightmare - untold danger in a warzone.  

This nightmare became a reality when Jordan stepped on an “IED” in Afghanistan in 2012. Since then he has had overcome extreme hardship to achieve what many would consider to be the impossible. Throughout his immense recovery, Jordan and Jon have remained close friends. 

Team Trident was born when Jon was in the midst of undertaking a 1,000 mile expedition in the Canadian High Arctic. On a satellite phone with a crackling line, Jon persuaded Jordan that together they could row across the world’s second largest ocean.  

They will live on-board a seven-meter boat containing everything they need to survive, they will row around the clock for between 40 and 90 days. The raw elements of the Atlantic will quickly degrade their physical and mental strength to the point where they will, once again, rely on each other in order to push through adversity.


Captain Jon Armstrong

Full-time Army officer, part-time Adventurer.

Never content with just doing his day job, Jon continuously strives to push both his mental and physical boundaries. 

Having completed three tours of Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years, he has managed to fit in cycling 3,000 miles across America and completed a 1,000 mile circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island. During this time, he also managed to squeeze in meeting and marrying his wife Issie. 


lance corporal jordan beecher

One-leg, Four-time Invictus Games Gold Medallist

When he had two legs, Jordan served in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment. During his third tour of Afghanistan, Jordan stepped on an “IED” which claimed his left leg. 

During recovery, Jordan decided to use his disability to inspire others by becoming a highly decorated athlete at the Invictus Games (4 Golds and a Silver) and also a British Indoor Rowing Champion. 

He is also a current British indoor rowing champion who aims to represent Great Britain in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.


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