We can offer a corporate sponsor global exposure across a variety of mediums and an alignment of values with those of sponsors.

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Continual presence from our experienced the Support Crew who can work with your PR company or your own in-house marketing team.  The Support Crew will tailor exposure to suit your brand marketing and corporate objectives, including:

  • Raising company profile
  • Meeting CSR objectives
  • Product endorsement
  • Enhancing corporate image through association with the endeavour
  • Client hospitality opportunities at associated high profile events
  • Enhancing media coverage both internal and external to the company

The Row provides a variety of investment possibilities suitable for every form of contribution. Bespoke investment opportunities are available. 

Please contact r2rteamtrident@outlook.com to discuss sponsorship opportunities. 


Why Support US?

Publicity. Through the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge’s HQ, Team Trident will draw on well established media outlets to generate publicity in the build-up and execution phase of the challenge. This will be amplified by our own media campaign which will allow sponsor brands and work to be highlighted, at minimal cost, around the world.

Association. As part of their ongoing publicity campaign, Team Trident will enter into several prestigious flat water rowing regattas, culminating in the Henley Regatta in July 2017. Team Trident will also participate in other events such as Toughest Mudder and Trailwalker to further enhance PR and marketing opportunities.  Early investment in the team will provide sponsors with over 12 months of continuous media exposure at events which draw up to 40,000 people.

Inspire. Taking their story beyond the challenge, Jon and Jordan will work with their sponsors and chosen charities to inspire both able and disabled people, of all ages. Their message is simple – No matter the circumstance, dare to dream, step beyond the physical and mental constraints you believed held you back and achieve something amazing, no matter what the scale. 

Charity. By supporting Row2Recovery’s Team Trident, sponsors will enable funds to be generated for the team’s three wonderful charities. As, if not more, important is the publicity that these charities will receive which will expose their work both nationally and internationally.