Redefining disability

In the afternoon of the 21st October 2012, Jordan, now on his third tour of Afghanistan, was on a routine patrol in Helmand Province, when he stepped on an “IED”. Jordan was one of the lucky ones. His fast reacting brothers-in-arms and the incredible medical care he received on the ground, ultimately saved his life. Jordan suffered life changing injuries, not only did the explosion claim his left leg but his body was peppered with shrapnel.

During recovery, Jordan decided to use his disability to inspire others by becoming a highly decorated athlete at the Invictus Games (4 Golds and a Silver) and also a British Indoor Rowing Champion.  

Row2Recovery aims to demonstrate the extraordinary thing people with disabilities can achieve; and to inspire others with life-altering injuries to realise their potential. Three Row2Recovery crews have now rowed the Atlantic, Team Trident will be the fourth team but the first ever pair.