Global Media Reach

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In 2015 alone, Atlantic Campaigns reported that over 5 billion opportunities for the public to be exposed to the race were created through 3,250 individual TV, radio, print and online media pieces mentioning the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

The race was mentioned in broadcasts by 18 BBC News Online features and in 85 broadcast features totalling 2hrs 15mins of coverage.

Through digital media alone, the race was viewed by 800,000 people.

National Geographic, with its global reach, is the official broadcast partner of the 2017 campaign.

The 2014 documentary reached 20 million views across 42 countries. In 2015 the BBC made a 30 minute documentary about the race and rowers.

Race teams received tweets and messages of support from royalty to celebrities including Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Harry, Russell Crowe & Sir Elton John.